In the early 90’s the company, now named FMI, was formed as a management company to administer a small number of local businesses. 1996 saw the beginning of the Franchise Management Inc that is here today beginning with a Pizza Hut Express.


Opened a second Pizza Hut express location is Shediac, New Brunswick


Greg Walton joins the company along with a location change for the first Pizza Hut Express to a larger location


Acquisition of 4 additional Pizza Huts in the Halifax Region and Greg Walton becomes Operating Partner


Acquisition of 7 Pizza Huts in the Windsor Ontario Region


Acquisition of 5 Pizza Huts in Mississauga and 12 Pizza Huts in the Hamilton Area in Ontario


Acquisition of 28 Pizza Huts in South Eastern Ontario


Acquisition of 13 Pizza Huts in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Acquisition of 4 Pizza Huts in Sudbury Ontario, Branching off to the United States with the Acquisition of 35 Pizza Hut locations in Illinois and Indiana


Acquisition of 30 Pizza Hut locations in Illinois, Building on the Pizza Hut success, addition of a new YUM Brand with acquiring 43 KFC Restaurants throughout Atlantic Canada


Built 13 new KFC Restaurants in Newfoundland


Dwight Fraser wins Business-to-Consumer products and service award at the Ernst & Young Atlantic Entrepreneur Gala. Created the convenience store brand Grab N Go with 9 initial stores.


Acquire 15 KFC Stores in Mississippi, USA


Acquire 7 KFC Stores in Ontario and Quebec and 18 KFC locations in Arkansas. Addition of a new Brand, Panera Bread – Acquiring 12 Panera Bread stores in Ontario


Sale of 68 Pizza Hut locations in Illinois and Indiana, Acquisition of 6 KFCs in Arkansas, 5 KFCs in Prince Edward Island, Acquisition of 6 Panera Breads in Ontario and with the acquisition of 38 Pizza Hut locations in Quebec FMI became the largest Franchise Operator of Pizza Huts in Canada.


With the acquisition of 1 Panera Bread in Ontario, FMI became the largest Franchise Operator of Panera Bread in Canada