About FMI

Franchise Management Inc. (FMI) is one of the largest Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell franchise operators in North America. We also operate Panera Bread cafes in Canada and are growing our Grab n Go convenience store business in Atlantic Canada. FMI Group is proud to own and operate more than 360 locations across Canada and the United States. All operations are administered from our Business Support Center in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada.

Our owners, Dwight and Greg, are immensely proud of the team that has become FMI. They attribute much of their success with the powerhouse brands and partners they work with, and the strong team of leaders they surrounded themselves with.

The FMI team is over 7,000 and growing, spread across North America. We’re fortunate to employ a diverse, dedicated team who enable our continued growth. We actively recruit and hire both local talent and candidates looking for work in North America. We pride ourselves in attracting and developing our talented team members and leaders – we’re successful when our employees grow as we grow. If willing to relocate, we believe the opportunities are endless with FMI Group.

We believe in serving our guests from best in class restaurants and storefronts. FMI is continually building and renovating our restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores. By reinvesting millions of dollars into our locations and local economies each year, we maintain dominant brands that grow sales. FMI brands will be relevant and ready to grow for many years to come.

The investment FMI makes in our people and our assets has proven to be a winning formula. Each year we build, renovate, and acquire new locations. Meanwhile, our established brands consistently grow same store sales and profit.

The FMI team hopes to see you soon, whether as a guest, team member, or business partner. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!