Dak graduated with an Architectural Degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia (now part of Dalhousie University) after finishing his four years of Engineering at Mount Allison University. After which, he worked with many companies from Architectural Firms, Prefab Home Builders, Commercial Developers, Residential Developers, Contractors, Hospitality Cabinetmakers, and others as a designer, construction manager, carpenter, owner, manager
, director, and other hats in his 30 years in the construction and hospitality industries.

Dak’s attention to detail and vast knowledge of the design and construction sectors has been a great asset for the FMI team as he leads his team of Project Coordinators in the development of our building assets through new builds, relocations, renovations, and remodels. He manages the Coordinators, reviews construction drawings and documents, provides options for alternate ways to construct various components, and discusses issues with clients and contractors with his coordinators. Dak has also created and spearheads FMI’s “Green Initiative” which has reduced the energy consumption on many of our stores by up to 30%. He also is working on a new maintenance helpdesk initiative which will result in the completion of a database with each store and all their equipment logged into the system. This will be used to reduce the store managers’ time on maintenance items and ensure quick, economical, and warranted work is provided to keep our stores in top running condition.

Dak is a key component in our management team and provides depth in his knowledge of our building assets (design and construction), energy savings, maintenance, and also in business methodology (from running his own businesses and having earned an “Entrepreneurial Certificate” from Holland College).


(506) 328-4631 ext: 229